1. The Afrikaner Dilemma: The Bekker Story

  2. US Attack on Syria - Call to Arms

  3. The Afrikaner Dilemma: Introduction

  4. The Christian Faith in Brazil

  5. The Restoration of Christian Society

  6. Fear and Loathing in the Land of Under

  7. Thoughts and Prayers

  8. Meditations on the Harmony of Truth

  9. The Price of Diversity: the Truck of Peace visits Manhattan

  10. Ascough Contra Mundum

  11. Lidl removing crosses in Lithuania this time

  12. Sedevacantism: Canonical and Theological Issues

  13. The Slow Death of the Old Guard GOP

  14. Big Mouth on Netflix

  15. Pews: The Backbone of Modernism in the Catholic Church

  16. Hollywood. A cancer to Christian families

  17. Christian! Stop giving your money to Sodom

  18. "I actually believe bi-sexual is the norm." - Dennis Prager

  19. A “Leitharted” Response

  20. Symbols and Signs

  21. On the Hierarchical Nature of Law

  22. Screaming

  23. Progressive Corruption: Altruism

  24. American Psychologists Association: Implications of using APA Format (Jager's Prediction's from 2011)

  25. Lazy, Stupid, and Impotent Christians.