Who we are

We are a growing number of those that are disillusioned with the modern world and its vices.

We are the ones that see the decay in our society, the desolation within the souls of our brethren and the destruction of our heritage.

We are Christians.

We subscribe to and confess from the heart both the Apostles' and the Nicene creeds.

We are neither "left", nor are we "right".

We place God above Man

What do we believe in

We consider Monarchy, whether hereditary or elective, to be the ideal form of government. A natural aristocracy has a vested interest to protect the commoners, just as the commoners have a vested interest to keep a ruling class whose lives are fully devoted to protecting the kingdom from harm. Authoritarian, nationalistic governments represent an acceptable Republican alternative due to their adherence to natural social hierarchy and condemnation of the false notion of equality, promulgated during and after the French Revolution.

We believe physical violence only ought to be initiated in defence of one's self, family, property, and nation. Warfare ought only to be considered in accordance with St. Augustine's Just War Theory.

We believe that the State and Church have complementary roles in society and ought to work together for the good of the people, irrespective of whether the form of government is based on Monarchy or Republicanism.

We believe that promoting values of failed states and ideologies which could seriously harm our organisation's social or legal standing is unfruitful and dangerous. Promotion of Communism, the Soviet Union, National Socialism as developed by Adolf Hitler, "Nazi" Germany, and any other ideology that directly promoted or committed mass murder, genocide, or other similarly immoral or illegal acts, is antithetical to our goals.

What are our goals

Our main goal is to rebuild society from the ground up, starting with our own soul. Our civilisation has been at an ever increasing moral decline and this is the last chance to either stop it or gather up enough righteous souls and rebuild while the old roof is still standing.

We aim to rebuild the old order of things, as it was before the 19th century. We aim to rebuild what the revolutions have taken away from us - the hierarchy that has kept the society functional for millennia, Aristocracy, Royalty, and most importantly, the Church.

We must rebuild the Aristocracy which the revolutionary spirit has either killed or made complacent to the new order. We urge those of us blessed with leadership and charisma to answer the call and strive with great vigour and dedication in order to attain positions of power and influence, reach out to those who will listen, and open their eyes to the death and decay that surrounds us. All for the glory of God.

We aim to stand above party politics and focus on what are the main building blocks of every civilisation which by this day have been almost irreparably damaged: Faith, Family, and Folk.

First man must come to God, by following His Laws, living by His teachings, persevering in prayer, working diligently to better himself and those around him. Only through God will he be able to avoid failure and accomplish something lasting, or worth accomplishing at all.

Second, he must choose a vocation, more often than not it is to the Sacrament of Marriage. He must build the family on the foundation of the mutual belief in God and His Law. Only then he can find true happiness and fulfilment within his castle.

Only once love and stability has been achieved at home can the man turn his attention outwards in order to help his fellow men who are struggling, revive his community and retake his country from those who wish to impoverish it. So many people attempt to skip the first two steps or change the order yet fail in the long run, because they have not established a strong enough foundation and hierarchy. We must therefore work from inside the domain of our own competence and effect change outward from within.