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Yes, corporations honestly love degeneracy pride. Stop pretending they do not.

June starts again, and with it the international aids olympics in which the democratic world reaffirms its support for all the colourful-as-candy variants of child grooming.

With 99.99% of the population of urban hells considering nothing cooler than having sex with dead children as long as everyone consents and nobody is harmed, it comes as no surprise that the well known massive corporations that have been created and have their headquarters in such places, also show their unconditional support for the gay disco. This should come as no surprise to Christians, since these corporations are known for being nests of evil, and will naturally love evil things, specially when they are a glorification of hedonism without morality. It is also consistent with the way in which all governments, public institutions, celebrities etc. promote the same filth and persecute Christianity. And also with how acceptance of homosexuality is a product of the powerful subverting morality by promoting it in all facets of life.

With such a perfect match, one would guess that Christians would point this out as evidence of the perverse nature of homosexuality and how it governs those who love it. Instead, the modern Christian seems to consider himself oh-so-smart by claiming that corporations do not actually favour homosexuality, they are just neutral and pretend to support it for good public relationships and profit, a theory which seems to come from thin air, unsupported by any fact, but which is very useful for defenders of homosexuality.

That narrative is precisely the one presented by homosexuals and their allies, including corporations: degenerates are a poor, oppressed group, the underdogs that must fight against the system, as Hollywood movies teach. Any idea that homosexuals are favoured by the powerful instead of being oppressed by them is problematic to that narrative, so they have turned Christians into useful idiots who give them the excuse they need.

So to destroy that excuse, let us remember what really is: all corporations are filled to the brim with "progressive" staff with Twitter biography pronouns who will personally report anyone showing disdain towards degeneracy and will organise walkouts if they feel the company does not release enough public statements in support of homosexuality. These corporations all have well known, widely advertised positions related to maintaining "diversity", "tolerance", "inclusion", and similar. These positions keep watch over the rest of the staff and make sure nobody steps out of line. It doesn't matter how profitable or skilled you are, or for how many years you have brought benefits to the company: if you send an internal email to the company voicing how promotion of homosexuality is offensive to you and how you consider it evil, then you will see how fast the corporation stops caring about profits.

There are plenty of cases where corporations happily lose money for the sake of punishing anything opposed to degeneracy. Endless funding campaigns with huge success have been cancelled for not being gay-friendly and similar reasons (including mere facts about the organisers of the campaign unrelated to the campaign itself). Each of these cancellations means a considerable loss of money, and as far as I know, only for the case of the Canadian truckers did the corporation try to keep the money, which, predictably, led to a huge scandal when the campaign organisers made it known. There are also the cancellations of campaigns in Kickstarter and similar platforms where no money is actually collected until the campaign ends, of Patreons with numerous subscribers that bring regular money to the company, of monetised YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, social media, etc.

So no, it's not about money, corporations are made up of evil people, and evil people love evil. It's that simple, so stop fighting for the gays and their allies by pretending they don't control the world.