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What is a jew? What is Israel?

Have you noticed how nobody seems to know what a jew is? If it is a racial term, why did the geopolitical abomination known as Israel prevent baptized Christians from applying for citizenship and why do jews have seemingly religious customs? If it is a religious one, why is there a visible racial group and atheistic jews?

Jews of course benefit from this and play whatever part is convenient to them. Jews will play the religion card when they want to push something as a religious thing, and will play the race card when someone criticises their ideology.

The solution to this problem is very easy: jews are a religious group defined by their satanic revolution against God, more specifically against Christ, who is replaced with deluded tribalistic self-worship. Since their religion is defined by their hatred of God, it makes perfect sense that there are atheist jews. And since they love their pagan tribalistic worship, it is not strange that there is a racial requirement that leads to the visible racial group.

Now comes the hard part: how can a Christian, like me, say that jews are defined by their satanic revolution against God when several good biblical characters (individuals or communities) are called jews, in both the Old and New Testaments? Not only that, Israel is mentioned endlessly to refer to a nation strongly based on tribes, genealogies, laws and customs.

To give a satisfactory explanation, first we will deal with the term "Israel", then with "jew".


The Old Testament describes how God creates and sets apart a nation to prepare for the coming of Christ by revealing Himself and instructing them. This nation is called "Israel" and, as we all know, is characterised by certain laws and more direct intervention of God, all for the sake of the aforementioned preparation. Israel, as a worldy nation, with its laws based on a covenant with God, customs, and tribes, is a temporary thing as evidenced by, for example, Jeremiah 31:31-34, which mentions that there will be a new covenant, as well as Galatians 4:24-25, which states how jews are slaves, represented by Hagar. God makes it very clear that there is nothing particularly virtuous about the people of this nation themselves, calling it over and over a nation of despicable people with hardened hearts and a spirit of prostitution that is constantly punished by God in the most severe of ways. Furthermore, genetics are not mentioned a single time, but rather being descendants of the 12 tribes. Someone could have whatever genetics, but those were completely irrelevant if there was no complete proof of belonging to a tribe through genealogies, as shown by Ezra 2:62 (in which several men are excluded from the priesthood when they were unable to show appropiate family records).

Since this nation was the one prepared by the prophets for Christ's coming, it is not surprising that Christ's Ministry on Earth is for Israel (Matthew 15:24, Matthew 10:5-6), meaning spoken directly to Israelites as opposed to traveling to other nations, since they can recognize how Christ fulfills the prophecies and claims the titles and characteristics that are reserved to God. However, this is only the first step of a universal mission, which is why, after the Passion and Resurrection, the apostles are instructed to bring the Gospel to all the nations (Luke 2:30-32, Acts 3:25-26, Luke 24:46-47, Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:19, John 8:12, etc.). Therefore salvation is from the jews (John 4:22) in the sense that the Gospel was originally given to the israelites who were in a position to understand after being prepared through centuries, so that they would then spread it to the rest of the world.

After these events, Israel as a worldy nation ceases to exist. The Law is fulfilled and having served its purpose it is no longer in effect (Colossians 2:16-17), the Temple is destroyed, and the genealogies that were crucial for the nation are lost. However, since Israel was defined ideally by the following of God's guidance and the worship of the One True God, Israel (or rather the True Israel) becomes the name of the community of believers that are faithful to the Lord and God Christ, that is, the Church. Since the worldy nation does not exist anymore, the new, True Israel is a spiritual nation, not dependant on genealogies, universal. All of Israel will be saved, then, because Israel is defined by the faith in Christ.

This is said by Christ when He explains that the true children of Abraham and God (the true Israelites) are those who believe in Him, and that those who don't are children of Satan, independently of their genealogy (John 8:33-46). Paul also makes this clear, saying among other things, how not everyone who is descended from Israel is an Israelite (Romans 9:6-7). And finally, this was also announced by the Old Testament, which mentions throughly how all nations will come to worship God, and how the mission of the Christ is universal (Genesis 12:3, Isaiah 2:2;9:1;40:5; 42:1-4, Zechariah 9:9-10, Malachi 1:11, etc.).

Now, why do authors in the New Testament use the term Israel to also refer to the worldy nation that I just said had become obsolete? Because the transition had just taken place, and there were still people around from said nation. So while the old connotation still existed, the apostles began to announce that the True Israel is spiritual.


Something very similar happens to the term "jew": it refered loosely to the Israelites (John 4:22), so why don't Christians talk about themselves as jews in the same way we talk about the Church as being the True Israel? Well, because Christians started to be called "Christians" (Acts 11:26), which is a more fitting name given how the Faith is centred on Christ. Still, Scripture mentions this notion of true and false jews, for example, in Revelation 2:9;3:9 and Romans 2:28-29. The true jews, the true members of the spiritual Israel, are the Christians, while the false ones are precisely those who keep calling themselves jews.

The second group rejects Christ having murdered Him, they revolt against God becoming children of Satan and his synagogue. They are enemies of mankind (1 Thessalonians 2:15) and Christians feared their persecution (John 20:19). They spit on the prophets of the Old Testament, being the spiritual heirs of those Israelites who became prostitutes of the pagan gods like Baal and accepted their idols. These are the jews who wrote the Talmud, the jews that have historically kidnapped Christian children to kill them, the jews who have led and financed revolution after revolution to curse God, the jews who hate Christ and love every existing perversion, and the jews whose sacraments are sodomy, pornography, and abortion. These are the modern, subversive jews, which is what the term jew has refered to for around 2000 years.

They call themselves jews because they don't recognize Christ. For them, Israel is all about tribe membership that makes you "chosen" for God knows what. The message of universal Salvation through faith and a suffering Messiah is like acid for those who expect a worldy general that will lead them into the conquest of "the goyim". The precepts of God don't matter since the thousands of pages in the Talmud will always contain some made up legalistic loophole that allows them to feast on the blood of the gentiles. All that matters in their religion, Judaism, is the revolution against Christ sprinkled with tribalistic paganism, which is particularly funny considering how not a single modern jew has the genealogy records that would be needed to claim tribal membership. Don't mistake this for a condemnation of nationalism. On the contrary, because of their revolution against God and order, jews revolt against everything that is ordered, such as the love towards one's family and race as an expansion of it.

So why do some authors of the Old Testament refer to jews without these implications (Romans 10:12), saying also that Paul was a jew (Acts 22:3) or that Jesus is "King of the Jews" (Mark 15:2)? Because, again, the transition had just happened, and Israelites would still call each other "jews" as members of a nation with a certain practices and pedigree, just like the traditional, worldy meaning for the word "Israel" wasn't going to disappear overnight. And as stated before, the mentions can at times allude to the "true jews", that is, the faithful.

To summarise: for the last 2000 years the term Israel refers to the universal Church, its members are called Christians, and jews are the Synagogue of Satan. However, the New Testament, being written during the turning point, also uses these words with their ancient, now obsolete meaning whereby Israel also referred to a worldy nation, and jews were its members.

So if you are a Christian, it is your duty, as all the Church Fathers and many more writers have done through the ages, to condemn the jews as a perverse, satanic group, because that is what "jew" has meant for 2000 years and counting. If someone calls you an anti-semite, ask when exactly you, or anyone else, spoke the word "semites". And while you are at it, ask about the semite children in Palestine that are periodically murdered by jews, or the semite Christ that they crucified.