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Christian! Stop giving your money to Sodom

Dear Christian reader, I have something to tell you. You are powerful. You have influence. You can change things for the better.

You may dismiss the idea. You may find it counterintuitive or embarrassing. But the truth is you are part of a disproportionately large part of the population of many countries. And many of these countries are democratic, rich, and important, globally speaking.

There are things you can do to influence this world for the better. You can bring up your children in the Lord. You can pray frequently and passionately. You can also stop giving your money to Godless institutions.

You may believe that this is not influential. You may think a business ultimately doesn't care if you, as an individual, stop buying their goods. If we were talking about you only, you'd probably be right. But I'm not talking about just you. I'm talking about us. All of us.

You may remember about 16 months ago when Target Corporation, the second-largest retailer in the United States and number one competitor to Walmart, announced a new restroom policy. This policy made all Target Stores' in-store restrooms open to all customers dependent on the customer's gender identity, as opposed to their scientific gender.

I'm not trying to convince you this policy is an affront to human decency and Christianity. If you don't already believe that, I'm not writing to you. I'm writing to you because if you believe it and are willing to let your beliefs convict you to action, you are powerful.

You may have heard that the American Family Association initiated and promoted a boycott of Target stores in response to the new bathroom policy. You may have also heard that Target has not changed it's policy in the last 16 months since it was first announced. Here's what you may not have heard.

One and a half million people have joined the boycott.

Target's sales have fallen 7.2% compared to the year before the boycott.

During the same period Walmart, a much bigger company, had sales growth of 1.6%.

Transactions were down 2.2%, which means the people still shopping at Target are buying less than they used to.

Target stock price has fallen by 35% since the boycott began.

This amounts to a nearly $18 billion loss for Target shareholders. That's $18 billion real dollars that belonged to real shareholders, and Target executives lit it on fire just to make themselves feel good. But they didn't know they were lighting it on fire.

It's the people, nearly all of whom are Christians, who did that. We lit the money on fire in response to them promoting degeneracy in our communities. Target has made their bed and won't change. But other companies won't repeat Target's mistake because of the action taken by Christians.

If things don't turn around soon, Target leadership will all be out of a job. If the shareholders can't force them out, Target will eventually collapse and be bought out by a rival, or go bankrupt. Now imagine how the world would change if Christians united every time against an institution or company that attacked our values?

You can sign the AFA boycott on the AFA website.

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