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Our Judges: The Coming Dark Age and The Historical Precedent of Strong Holy Men – Part I

An Overview of Historically Relevant Cases

“Judges and Dictators and Crises OH MY”

War, diseases of plenty, sexual vice, and infanticide. Today’s attentive Christian might be forgiven if they believe these abominations are unique to our day and age. However while the scale and mass exposure might be eminently novel compared to ages past, such degeneracy is not restricted to our epoch, but rather are signs of an impending dark age in which we having been given over to our passions, we will eat, drink and partake in orgy’s until we are fat, poisoned and suffocate in the quivering mass of bodies that surrounds us like a hideous amoeba feasting upon itself. We sons of Adam have an awfully difficult time maintaining a holy society for more than a generation; be it a modern constitutional democratic republic or an ancient kingdom we seem to always put ourselves in an unworkable jam in one fashion or another. Sometimes God judges a nation and casts it into hellfire, its smoldering embers used to fashion newer, smaller and (initially) weaker nations.

God did this with Western Rome at the end of its great history, sculpting from it many nations that would fight, build empires, rise and fall and eventually after the dust settled and the blood of many armies stopped flowing over its shores would come to reflect on our maps modern continental Europe and North America (and Australia if you can count God’s containment zone for dangerous creatures be they animal, plant and human alike as a “successor of Rome”).


However God has also raised up Judges in order that the night might be held back and order be reconstituted. There is an entire book of Holy Writ (Judges, duh) that tells the tale of daring heroes of humble origins that took up the ministry of the sword and laid down the wrath of God in judgement of both their own nations and invading ones. Gideon with his 300 chosen soldiers, and Samson with strength unmatched capture the masculine imagination and clear up any mistaken notions that God rejects the use of violence and force to correct the path of a wayward nation.

Likewise in the gentile world of pre-Christian antiquity, God still yet moved in his own way to set up an equivalent type of the judge, that of the dictator. This stood out the best in the ancient Roman Republic, where during the tribulations of near destruction brought about by the weakness of the urbanite Roman, the half measure ridden diplomacy of a weak Senate and a lack of effective leadership from the civil government in the face of the barbarian hordes, a military commander and magistrate (in Latin a “Praetor Maximus”) would take the reigns of power and put down the enemy. Usually they would institute societal re-ordering in the aftermath of such a horrid state of affairs and in the case of the last dictator Caesar, would start a semi-Monarchical order and eventually a mighty empire that echoed through time to this day.

While our modern and effeminate parlance might practically spit the word “dictator” as an insulting epithet towards ambitious politicians, and while we might all caterwaul about the indignities of those so-called brutish and violent military leaders of times past, we must not look at history from the condescending lens of 21st century millennial technocrats with our hindsight correction set to 20/20, nor can we dismiss the validity of more authoritarian regimes because of our decadent democratic sensibilities. Yet as we drown in the blood of hundreds of millions of the unborn, we call ourselves civilized because we made such murder “legal” and have nice shiny high-tech abortion clinics that give Moloch his due sacrifices in a stream lined and rapid fashion rather than burning them in the hands of bronze idols.

Yes as Rome burns and the invaders cozy in for the millennium, we sip our sugar saturated overpriced coffee and talk about easier paths to citizenship and universal brotherhood without universal truth. As the Church has her rights attacked by the imposition of sacrilege and dis-allowance of God’s moral law from corrupt courts, we talk about making the Mass more fun and the churches more inviting to sodomites without requiring their most minimal attempt at repentance and reform and create ever more watered down catechetical programs as if to sucker in and kowtow to protestants rather than focus on making Catholic saints. The Church is under attack and our nations walk in a drunken stupor towards the event horizon of a hell shaped abyss and yet even we valiant warriors on the militant side who own guns, and have training still abide with gentle civility by the rules set forth by Masons and Jews that watch with glee as they tear God’s created order apart piece by piece. Yet how did our fathers in the faith react to the insults leveled towards Christ, towards their fatherlands and their way of life? Let’s look at three modern (post-1780) examples, two failures at rising up and a successful resistance to this plague of the soul that has spread across the ages.

When the French revolution wounded the Church, the peasantry took up arms and fought as counter-revolutionaries, not with words and grandly constructed arguments but with clubs, pitchforks, guns and cutlery. They and the Swiss Guard were martyred for the Church after being ordered to stop but for their sacrifice along with that of many faithful nuns, the Church was at least tolerated by Napoleon. Likewise the Cristeros fought against the masonic regime that ransacked the Church in Mexico of her sacred art and the tabernacles of Our Lord, expelled bishops, forbade public worship and the wearing of cassocks and eventually outlawed the Mass while trying to set up a schismatic Mexican National Church. The Vatican brokered a peace and had the Cristeros throw down their arms in order for the Mexican government to more easily kill them like dogs. But hey at least the robber barons in charge were a little less mean to the church

France now has her cathedrals demolished in order to accommodate the religion of peace’s favorite meeting places, and Mexico still has anti-Clerical laws on the books. What of Mexico’s father and Frances brother Spain? While there might not be many active weekly mass attending Catholics, 95% of the nation are baptized Catholics with a Church free to exercise her rights. With some PR work and a traditionalist movement that is actually effective, Spain could be a truly good child of the Church as it once was. But what made it insulated against the virulent global diseases of modernism, communism, Islamic domination and western suicide? Two words: Francisco Franco.


Francisco Franco

While branded a “fascist” by modern intellectuals in our esteemed university system, Francisco Franco was by no means a “fascist.” He WAS a dictator, he WAS authoritarian and yes he received the aid of Axis forces before the second world war in order to crush the Soviet backed “republicans.” –(NOTE: For the Americans in the audience, especially those recovering from normie conservatism, when you read the word “republican” in a continental context, please make it a habit to substitute “republican” with “Left wing communist lunatic” quietly in your head. This will alleviate your potential confusion and cognitive dissonance) – that being said, the good Generalissimo was not somebody who embraced the revolutionary nature and anti-clerical diatribes of Mussolini’s fascist philosophy nor did he care much for the endless self-satisfying Germanic triumphalism and often crypto-pagan ravings of the National Socialists in Germany. While he viewed them as a lesser evil to Soviet communism, Franco was perfectly happy to play both sides and stay out of the continent wide fratricide entirely in order to focus on his homeland.

Ultimately, Franco was a military man who seized power for his beloved Spain. He was not keen on changing her, on wiping away her Catholic traditions, or returning to whatever native pagan religion his ancestors ditched for Christ. No, Franco was not a revolutionary with a new vision for a 10 day week and a hatred for nuns, nor was he a fascist that thought that the state defined morality and was what made a nation. On the contrary he was a counter-revolutionary and a modern type of the Biblical Judge that fought for the restoration of the rightful kings and queens of Spain to occupy their dusty and defiled thrones. A strong military man with the Churches support that refused the crown he so easily could have bestowed upon himself. He was beloved by his people who had been forced against their will to deny Christ’s social kingship, and these sorrowful Spaniards were found worthy by God that they might have a Judge to free them of the Church burning, priest killing, nun raping communistic Philistines that had all but outlawed the Catholic faith in Spain.

Upon his death, a legitimate – albeit weak – Bourbon monarch ascended to the throne of the restored monarchy and Spain has not suffered as much as their neighbor France and their son Mexico, who’s people gave up fighting for the things of God because the local vicars both temporal and ecclesiastical were too squeamish about the righteous violence being used against the revolutionary forces that had so deprived the souls of the lay peasantry of their Eucharistic Lord and His house. It was Franco’s faithful and stalwart commitment to carrying out the war to the end that seemingly guaranteed God’s favor.

For the Legitimists

“When we make America a monarchy, which inexperienced European noble will we import to rule us?”

As this is a platform replete with adorers of the cross and crown, you – the astute monarchist that you are - might be wondering “Well that’s an interesting and likely spurious set of observations you made back there but what has it to do with me and my ends? Dictators are not kings, and Franco didn’t restore the Don Carlos line so he’s bad and stinky” right indeed! Dictators aren’t proper kings, they are lesser imitations of kings, and ol’ Francisco was not an infallible ruler that executed God’s will perfectly. He was not of one of the many royal houses going back thousands of years (though he was lesser nobility) but yet I have some bad news for you, neither were the founders of those houses.


These esteemed houses of royal and noble blood started out in many cases as warlords in the post-Roman dark ages with permission from the Church. Pepin of Herstal and his son Charles Martel worked as civil authorities and would eventually seize the power from the “legitimate” Merovingian dynasty (a house started by King Clovis, a pagan convert to Catholicism who brutally seized territory and was a strongman albeit not very Holy) And wrested control over Francia before they were recognized by the Catholic Church as protectors of the papacy and Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor. likewise in the Bible Jehu was secretly anointed King by the prophet Elisha despite only being a commoner military captain. This occurred while a "legitimate" King that had betrayed God named Jehoram remained in power and Jehu proceeded to kill him and the Queen-Mother Jezebel that had encouraged pagan (aka proto-satanic) worship and allowed other evils to proliferate under her son’s rule. King David was a common Shepard's boy that was anointed to replace a decorated military king. Ultimately God decides who rules and can use nontraditional or conventionally illegitimate means to install an authority that will work for Him.

Additionally, I might add that the institution of an American monarchy will require that the current order is either forcefully torn down, collapses under its own weight or is constitutionally changed. When a system is dramatically changed or is destroyed there will always be an unstable transitional time and unstable times like this beget the rule of strong men that will bring order even sometimes to excess. Be they called Samson, Charlemagne, or less savory characters such as Adolf Hitler or Napoleon. Be their title King or Duke, or Dictator or El Presidente it does not matter. A monarchy requires a stable and homogenous population and enough territory and often it is dictatorships and roving warriors bands that secure this (ancient Israel went from nomadic raiders fleeing the slave drivers of Egypt to having the Kings in Jerusalem and enormous power in the near east in a matter of a few centuries and went through a few periods of dictatorial rule ending with the rule of the Prophet and Judge Samuel anointing a full King)

Therefore, I don’t want to see any more legitimist whinging about how bad dictatorship is and that it has nothing to do with monarchy.

This Article is already running on so I will leave it here, here is a preview of what to expect NEXT TIME ON OUR JUDGES:

  • The Judge as a type for Christ
  • Into the Dark Ages and the new order
    Most importantly
  • Will Slater reach a point?

Stay tuned for a series on wholesome Christian authoritarianism. Ave Christus Rex, Ave Maria Regina

Catholic Slater