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Meditations on the Harmony of Truth

One can very easily lose sight of what is important these days.
To lose sight of why we are even here, because of the wisdom we inherited from our forefathers. The belief in God, and the belief in the family, these two things exist to come above all other aspects of our being. And as the burning bush told Moses "I am the one that is". God, who was the first, and essence of being. The only entity which is unbound by the laws of the universe. He then proceeded to create the family, and after that the church.

Then man spread himself to the ends of the Earth, and divided pieces of land distinct from one another between themselves. These we called nations, kingdoms, and states; and were the last thing man would concern himself with and preferred to make sure the foundation (family) doesn't sink into the sand. By this framework when man acknowledges the greatest to the least, exalted to the humble- and the first to the last. All was good in the world, wars were still fought, but society remained stable.

And this world-view assembled itself into this "Truth Hierarchy". Which starts with God (the greatest) the family (God created) the Church (God gave to man) and the man-made borders of a Nation (Man made, the least). This is the greatest lesson to learn from history, the first essence of truth to the last- and it remains notwithstanding to the alternatives man has created himself to give himself license to retain a life of decadence.

It is assigned the most urgency, to maintain and apply to ourselves the presence of these 4 greatest to least. The foundation and discovery of this truth is an understanding of our universe, grounded in Christology. Christology being the study of the nature of Christ. Any alternative to this, and I'll quote Bishop Robert Barron here as saying, "It is Bad Anthropology". We Christians are always being presented with substitutes to the truth hierarchy, which are all misunderstandings of how humans work.

Think of the hierarchy as, the manual for a car. There is only one way that this car will work, that's with gas, oil, brake fluid, tires, crankshaft, etc. The car cannot dive underwater like a submarine, it is meant for the road. If you put Dr. Pepper in the tank and make the clutch out of paper mache it isn't gonna work right. The same is quite true with humans, we are not aquatic creatures we need oxygen tanks to scuba dive. We can't live off of raw plankton either. There's only one way we work, as it dictates in our manual i.e the Bible.

Mankind has a natural inclination to the truth, mankind is obliged by natural law to honour and adhere to the truth. We have in us an innate desire for the ultimate truths, and absolution for the weight of our sin. So the key to understanding the nature we are assigned and what God teaches us about the Greatest to the Least. Gives necessity to cite the Vatican II document: Gaudium et Spes- The 22nd paragraph which reads; "In reality it is only in the word made flesh that the mystery of man becomes truly clear". Meaning that we should apply this truth to every part of our lives. And not attempt to exaggerate or substitute it with any other attempt to understand the nature of Human beings.

A watch is not aware it is a watch, it is the watchmaker who knows what it is, and what it's purpose is. And who understands- the best, how the watch works. So any other understanding of what humans are meant to do, is inherently flawed, because those ideas themselves, are man-made. Any other understanding a watch might make of itself is flawed, because it is watch-made. And the watch will never know every single part of itself and what it does. Know thyself, and live with God at the centre of all creation.

Tristen Twance