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Hollywood. A cancer to Christian families

Your television has hit a new low. This is not surprising in and of itself. Hollywood is always pushing boundaries, especially concerning uses of vulgarity and displays of sex. Hollywood has never met a boundary of decency that it cared for, or respected.

However, the most recent low should be a casus belli for Christians who care. In AMC's program Preacher, which is based on a comic book series, in an episode entitled "Dirty Little Secret", Jesus Christ has sex with a married woman. Later he tells her to keep quiet about it.

Later in the same episode, a supposed descendant of Jesus is portrayed as an inbred, mentally handicapped man who urinates on another character.

The entire Preacher series and the episode in question are produced by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan, both of whom are Jewish.

It's no secret that Hollywood has led the charge of cultural Marxism for decades. Senator Joseph McCarthy exposed the infiltration nearly 70 years ago (anyone who would like to argue the point can do so here:

Since then, Hollywood has promoted feminism, the sexual revolution, gay marriage, pornography, and much worse. Hollywood quietly adds homosexual elements into children's shows. Disney in particular is a very bad offender; the recent remake of Beauty and the Beast, and the children's series Doc McStuffins are two examples of recent shows promoting homosexuality to children. Hollywood also shuns anyone in their industry who breaks with the progressive liberal zeitgeist.

What can we do, gentle reader? It's easy. We can stop giving them our money. We can shut off our televisions. We can stop going to their movies. Without the money, they'll stop. Generations upon generations of humanity lived without Hollywood and without television, and survived. They were better friends, better family members, and better citizens for it.

Shutting off, nay, throwing out the television may sound difficult, but it's not. I promise you that doing so will make your life better and more productive. I also promise you that the Seth Rogans and Evan Goldbergs in this world absolutely will not stop corrupting you and your children as long as you keep giving them daily access to your home.

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