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"I actually believe bi-sexual is the norm." - Dennis Prager

Most people on the conservative side of things have probably seen a PragerU video. They usually have good topics, smart speakers and interesting data to show. Some of the material is great, like the philosophy and religion videos, and some not as much.

Now, I am not going to pretend I follow the guy around, watch his every video and analyse his speech, thought and behaviour patterns, but from what I have seen both from him and his work, he is your average mainstream conservative and as far as mainstream conservatives go, their positions on morality are rather liberal. That actually came as a surprise to me because of how strongly he pushes against moral relativism, abortion and other anti-Christian issues.

All I can say is that it is interesting how people's true nature is revealed when they're conversing with someone they disagree with but not enough to condemn them, so instead they try to reach out to them in hope of getting to some kind of a compromise in the discussion and appease them.

Without further ado, here is the supercut.

Key take-outs:

  1. His moral values come from the Bible, but he doesn't actively use God's teaching in his day to day decision-making process. They're just somewhere there in the background.
    PS. he's a religious Jew

  2. It's the radical sodomites that are the bad guys, normal sodomites are totally fine.

  3. The normal state of a person's sexuality is bi-sexuality.

  4. During the interview he bashes leftist professors in colleges for pushing their views, but when there are professors with an agenda that he agrees with he is suddenly okay with it.

  5. Gay is okay because it was okay before those pesky Jews showed with their God.

  6. The Bible said men are happy with boys as they are with girls, but then specified that those aren't 8 year old boys, but actually a bit older boys.

  7. The Bible eroticised marriage.

  8. Homophobia is wrong according to the Bible.

  9. The supreme court ruled that gay is okay, so it must be.

I urge my fellow religious conservatives to keep this guy and his bullhorn at a healthy distance. They are not conservative. They are classical liberals.
Some of the take-outs run counter to each other, so you might think I'm insane, but below is the original interview. And if I am insane, let me know in the comments below.

Also, hats off to Theodore Shoebat for being pretty much the only guy to notice this.

The time frame is: 57:52 - 1:08:45