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US Attack on Syria - Call to Arms

The following PSA was typed in an angry and hasty fashion roughly an hour or two after the US bombing of Damascus on 04/14/2018

Everyone, listen up. I want everybody out there protesting this insanity.

When you die and you go before God and He asks you "What did your dumb ass do when my children were being massacred by those who serve the murderers of my Son? By YOUR leaders." I doubt an answer of "I said fuck trump on my facebook profile and prayed the rosary" will cut it.

Stop making excuses and go out there and do some good works. Find a nearest protest and go scream bloody murder. I don't care if the protest is full of antifa liberals. This is bigger than politics.

Can't find a protest? Gather the lads and go scream bloody murder regardless.

Don't stop just there. Call the president - (202) 456-1111. Call your congressman. Yell at the top of your lungs.

Get angry. Get active. The reason Christianity is dying is because we are complicit and no longer get angry. We are apathetic and lack any kind of passion. You have the chance to reverse it. You have the chance to say "I tried, Father." and mean it.

If you need inpiration, I've uploaded some letter-sized posters to print out or to transcribe onto a protest sign. Don't let THEM get away with this.

Quick recap:

  • US/UK/France dumped over 120 tomahawks on Damascus
  • Around 12-20 or more shot down according various reports
  • Missiles landed in residential areas
  • Around 4 civilian casualties reported so far
  • Russians barely did anything apart from verbal wrist-slaps
  • Apparently they were about to bomb a US base in Syria but turned back in the last moment
  • Syrians think it was a major success, though
  • Also the moment tomahawks started hitting Damascus, ISIS forces that were cooped up in the southern part of Damascus started an offensive. This happens literally every time US or Israel strikes SAA positions. Nothing new here
  • Mad Bitch Matthis said they bombed a chemical facility. Chemical factories/warehouses tend to explode to kill everyone in their vicinity upon getting bombed. None of that happened.
  • If US knew where a chemical facility was, why didn't they report it to the OPCW and wait for an investigation?

I leave you with video of Alex Jones waking up to reality. Good night.